Composting with Worms

Just what is Vermicomposting ?

Simply put Vermicomposting means composting with worms instead of traditional composting in a compost pile or bin.

Vermicomposting worms and other micro-organisms break down organic matter, such as kitchen vegetable scraps, garden waste, leaves, and animal manuere into odorless worm castings (worm manure) to carry out the composting process.

Not sure what composting means?

Composting is nature’s way of breaking down all organic matter into highly nutrient rich soil. Organic matter includes plants, trees, vegetable, fruit, animals, and even us!

Anything that was once alive will ultimately decompose and break down into fertilizer, food for plants, to be reused by mother earth.

How Does Vermicomposting Work?

Vermicomposting worms are not common earth worms; instead they are specialized breeds that thrive while living in colonies. The most common are red wigglers, European night crawlers, and African night crawlers.

Composting worms actually prefer to make their home in decaying organic matter. As a vermicomposter we provide them a home in an indoor or outdoor worm bin; we also provide them with trash food scraps, and bedding made of organic material like shredded paper or leaves.

As naturally occuring microbes eat food it softens and breaks down into a soupy nutrient rich mush where microscopic organisms live. The worms eat this slurry of microbes, bacteria, and bits of food. This beaks down food waste much quicker than conventional composting.

In return our composting worms give us worm castings; sometimes called “black gold.” In reality its worm droppings, that’s right worm poop. Not to worry, it’s nearly odorless and is the finest fertilizer you can get for your plants, vegetables, and flowers.

Why Should I Vermicompost?

Vermicomposting makes a lot of sense for many reasons and is often easier to do than regular composting.

1.  Its ecofriendly- Food waste accounts for about 30 percent of landfill material. Vermicomposting can reduce you household waste significantly and keep tons of material out of the landfill.

2.  Valuable Worm castings are all yours – There’s a reason worm castings are called black gold. Pound for pound Vermicompost worm castings are one of the best fertilizers available. A 5 pound back fetches around $10.00.

3.  It’s environmentally safe – Vermicomposting produces an all-natural fertilizer that lawns, vegetable gardens, and house plants absolutely thrive on.

4. Brew some Worm Tea – No you don’t drink it. Worm tea is the liquid that collects in the bottom of your worm bin. Dilute it with water and spray it on your lawn or house plants and watch them take off. Worm tea is also pretty expensive to buy.

5.  Raise your own Fishing Worms – Once your red wigglers or night crawlers start to multiply your worm bin will have plenty of extra worms for fishing, or for selling to anglers.

6.  Soil Improvement – Vermicomposting worm castings added to lawns, flower beds, vegetable garden beds, and potting soil enrich soil with vital nutrients that help plants fight disease and grow strong.

 7. Make some money – Once you get into vermicomposting don’t be surprised if friends who fish want to buy yo ur worms; or local gardeners want to buy your castings or worm tea.

 8.  Start a Business – There are many ways to make money with worms. You can raise fishing worms, sell composting worms, and market worm castings. These are just a few ways to make money with a worm farm. 

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